Monday, January 21, 2013

A lesson on 'Focus' - The 'Mahabharat' way

One of my friends Amita posted the following in Faceboook which got me thinking:

"What do you see," asked Guru Dronacharya of his pupils, after hanging a wooden bird from the branch of a tree. Only one youngster declared: the eye of the bird, the target decreed by the Guru.
He was Arjuna; he would go on to become one of the greatest archers, if not the most accomplished warrior in mythology.
To be successful in any sphere of life requires similar traits: unflinching focus and unyielding dedication.

My two cents in the form of  a mini-story to that statement is as follows:

What do you see? Shouted the  examiner from  behind.
I looked around. At the  large four road intersection, I could see hundreds of vehicles and a thousand pedestrians.

'I see the black dot on the right head lamp of the approaching bus.....',  Recalling  all the wisdom from  Mahabharat, I screamed out  the right answer drowning all the din around.
'Only that?'
'Only that and nothing else' I said confidently.
'Do you see the bus?
'No..only the dot'

'You are failed' - the harsh voice from behind growled.
I was appearing in the practical test for the post of 'Drivers' in Bangalore Transport corporation!!!

What do you think?

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