Saturday, December 28, 2013

Lesser Mortal...

Couple of months back I was coming out of a Darshini  (clean - self service- stand and eat- vegetarian restaurants  common in Bangalore) in Jayanagar, when I came across a blind  beggar, walking on the road.   I dropped the 'change' I had received from the  restaurant in his plate and continued to walk, feeling happy about having helped a poor soul, close to noon.
By the corner of my eyes I watched  him pass the restaurant and trying with difficulty to cross the road. For a moment, I thought I would go back and help him. By the time I made up my mind to do so,  a lady - in her late twenties - walked up to him and held his hands, carefully helping him to cross the road, braving the traffic.  She looked like an employee from one of the shops, on her way to run some errand during the lunch hour. By the time, they reached the other end of the road, I had also crossed the road on my way to the nearest bookstall.  After dropping the blind beggar on the other side, the lady started retracing her steps.
Half way through, she stopped at the middle of the road, thought for a moment and went back to the beggar.  'Did you have your lunch?', she asked him in Kannada. I was quite surprised, because one does not get to witness such acts of compassion, often in one's life.  
The beggar replied in the negative.
 'Shall I buy you a meals?, she asked. The beggar said 'no' with a smile on his face.  The very question itself must have addressed his hunger.
She did not push him. But she rummaged her bag,  produced a few coins and gave them to him and continued her journey.
I saluted the lady in my mind. How couldn't I?
Then... I realized to my sadness, I could never make myself to ask that question to someone like him, how much ever I appreciate the deed.
In that sense I am a much lesser mortal!!!
How about you?

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