Monday, January 05, 2009

Is there life after death?

Is there life after death? Is death one of the most pleasurable experiences in life? At death, do departed souls re-unite? Is this body a mere temporary shell for the soul to reside for a short period?

Well… all these questions could look a bit old fashioned and illogical.

But I recently read a book named ‘On life after death’ by Elizabeth Kubler Ross (EKR). I would have concluded it as ‘pulp fiction’ had I not seen in Wikipedia that EKR is one of the pillars of modern psychology. She was a medical doctor, a psychiatrist who has received honorary doctorates for her work from 23 universities!!!. If that is not enough, she has authored over 20 books and was the creator of the famous Kubler-Ross Model on dying which is well accepted in her field of science.

The questions I mentioned in the first paragraph were discussed with research data in the book and the answer to every one of those questions is a firm YES!!!.

EKR sites numerous episodes where, at Near Death Experiences (NDE) or while dying, patients tell the name of people who are waiting to receive him/her. These are always dead people and never was there an instance of a living person. Often, the information of death of some of them has not even reached the doctor because some of them might have just died in another room. The dying patient always sees only the dead. An example is five family members in a car crash all fighting for life in the hospital. One of them at death correctly meets all those who died before him, even by few minutes!!! How does he know that?

Another case is ‘out of the body experience’ in NDE scenarios. Even blind patients clearly explain who were trying to bring them back from the dead (defibrillator, resuscitation etc.), who was doing what and so on. This happens even when the brain activity is recorded as absolute zero!!! How does that happen? How could the blind see…that too without brain?

Thus, based on a large pile of research data EKR concludes YES to all my questions.

How about you?


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