Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Big Bang

No that is not true...This is not meant to be a big bang. This is to be expected to be a painful process of building brick by brick...creating my own blog. I have named it 'Dr. Ashok on Technology'. That is not really true if you are a purist in defining the term 'technology'. Because I intend to put my ideas and thoughts on anything under the sun here. So pardon me if you fell for the 'Technology' part. Let me tell you, most of it will be anyway relating to technology.

Then the question arise..'What do I know of Technology?'. To tell the truth, I do not know much. But I have an open mind and I can appreciate it. In other words, if I see somebody standing on the road shouting 'Beam me up', I will not consider him bonkers.

That is pretty much it...let me start blogging



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